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HotCity Theatre Rounding Third

By • May 24th, 2012 • Category: Reviews
Rounding Third by Richard Dresser
HotCity Theatre
Kranzberg Arts Center, St. Louis, MO
Through May 26th
2:00 with one intermission
Reviewed May 18th, 2012

Rounding Third is a play by Richard Dresser. Most of the scenes take place at a little league baseball park with a couple of scenes cleverly presented as the back of Don’s truck. This two-man show is very character driven with the lighter moments used to ease the growing tension between Don and Michael.

Both Don (Steve Isom) and Michael (Christopher Lawyer) start out with kind of an awkward tolerance of each other. It is clear that Don is all about the kids and winning. AND drinking. Michael is all about getting along, having fun, and NOT drinking. Michael sees it as an activity he and his son can enjoy together no matter who wins. Don doesn’t agree. Don lives and breathes baseball while Michael puts up with it between phone calls and an ego-centric boss.

The two characters go through some growing during the summer baseball season. Michael realizes that life is about people and not trying to be everywhere for everyone. Don learned that people are human and make mistakes, even during baseball season. By the conclusion of the season, Don and Michael had a tolerable respect for each other. A close bond will probably be possible yet tenuous as Don and Michael remain two very different people. Michael is pretty straight-laced and more of a cheerleader towards hs little league want the kids to have fun and enjoy playing together. Don wants the kids to win. He cares for them in a rough sort of way. Deep down Don would do anything for his team.

We saw Rounding Third last Fall, and it was very different. HotCity’s production focused on the humor of the men’s relationship, whereas the other focused on the drama behind their situations. Both approaches worked really well with the material.

The two men were their own stage crew and the minimal set provided the necessary back drop. The playing area, designed by Sean Savoie, was delineated by home plate. Even the walkway into the theater itself had mulch lining the walkway. The two actors moved the benches and the fences into place when needed to give the look of a field or Don’s car, complete with license plate. Sound Designer Rusty Wandall sounds were well created while not becoming overwhelming.

A very funny show about what builds character and what breaks it.


  • Don: Steve Isom
  • Michael: Christopher Lawyer

Production Staff

  • Director: Sarah L. Armstrong
  • Scenic Designer: Sean Savoie
  • Lighting Designer: Alan Chlebowski
  • Costume Designer: JC Krajicek
  • Properties Master: Meg Brinkley
  • Sound Designer: Rusty Wandall
  • Stage Manager: Richard B. Agnew
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Eleanor Rank
  • Technical Director: Sean Savoie
  • Photo by Todd Studios Photography

Disclaimer: HotCity Theatre provided two complimentary media tickets to ShowBizRadio for this review.

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