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Parkway Central High School Don’t Drink The Water

By • Nov 16th, 2011 • Category: Cappies

Written by Woody Allen and performed by Parkway Central High School, Don’t Drink The Water was an explosive comedy. Based out of the American Embassy behind the Iron Curtain, Sister Drobney, played by Karlie Pinder, guides the audience through the story of Axel Magee (Jack Connolly) as he attempts to run the emabssy in his father’s (Jonathan Rembold) absence. It is Axel’s last chance to prove to his father and himself that he isn’t a failure. Unfortunately, a family of tourists with a camera mix things up when they capture footage of a restricted area and Axel finds himself negotiating on the losing end just in time for the Sultan of Bashir’s (Peyton Mogley) stay at the embassy.

Samantha Zucker and Jake Blonstein played an all too believable older couple, Marion and Walter Hollander, from New Jersey. Separately, these characters held their own, but together created a strong ensemble. They delivered lots of laughs, and even a heartwarming love scene.

While delivering clear lines and perfect projection, a couple of characters had difficulty cheating out toward the audience. A minor blemish on an otherwise beautiful show.

The technical work was smooth in transition and the set was created with great care to detail. Emily Walters’ mural backdrops paired with Christina Runk’s light design was a lovely accent, and kept the audience aware of the time changes during the progression of the play.

Costumes changes were also a key player in the time progression. These were executed efficiently, and the costumes fit the time period.

The Parkway Central High School production of Don’t Drink The Water possessed many things; comedic timing, attention to detail, and a smooth technical crew. Don’t Drink The Water was a hysterical hit!

by Jena Doering of Maplewood Richmond Heights

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